Telecoms Around the Web, April 2017

We survey several popular websites for technical Telecoms content.

3G4G Blog

Zahid Ghadialy has long been one of my favorite commentators in the technology space. He writes Self-backhauling: Integrated access and backhaul links for 5G.  This is essentially a discussion of the interference challenges posed by wireless cell site backhaul.  Zahid explains with this diagram:integratedaccessandbackhaul_rp-17148 Continue reading “Telecoms Around the Web, April 2017”

Court says FCC Cannot impose net neutrality rules

In a landmark ruling sure to be appealed to the Supreme Court by the Obama administration, a federal appeals court has ruled that the FCC has no legal authority to impose net neutrality rules on Internet Service Providers (ISPs.) Net neutrality proponents immediately responded that ISPs should be brought under FCC jurisdiction similar to that which governs the business of landline telephony providers. Continue reading “Court says FCC Cannot impose net neutrality rules”

John Gilman launches Clear in Hawaii September 17th.


Mobile Broadband Growth in the US expected to double over the next two years.

  • 11 M – 2009
  • 19 M – 2010
  • 28 M – 2011

2.5 GHz Spectrum in U.S., averaging 120 MHZ in major markets

540 Mbps per cell site vs. 45 190 Mbps from the competition

Launch dates

  • launch to existing customers November 1. all existing customers will be swapped out at no cost for new Clear antenna.
  • Launch to new customers December 1. Change branding from Clearwire to Clear.


Continue reading “John Gilman launches Clear in Hawaii September 17th.”

TeleTips Network Joining Forces with Telecom Voices

We’re pleased to announce that TeleTips Network is partnering with Telecom Voices, adding our voice to their coverage of Telecoms. Telecom Voices is a site dedicated to rebroadcasting blogs focused on Telecoms, allowing a wide diversity of Telecoms ideas to be found and read on a single web site. The posts of TeleTips Network will begin appearing there immediately.

It is the shared hope of Telecom Voices and TeleTips Network that this move increases the level of discussion and adds value for our mutual readers.

Give Telecom Voices a listen, and consider adding them to your daily rotation. We’ll talk to you there, too!

RIM experiences yet another network failure

Information Week is reporting that  BlackBerry Users Experience Service Outage

What’s going on over at RIM?  Is this the 3rd or 4th highly publicized network failure they’ve experienced in the last year or so? Running a network is a highly repetitive, process-oriented business.  Not much sex and magic involved.  Widespread service-affecting events are signs of poor blocking and tackling:  time for RIM to get back to fundamentals.

This just has to leave user shaking their heads and heading for the exits.   Typographic error we expect to see soon: “current BlackBerry infrastructure outrage.”

Nortel and Motorola in talks to combine their mobile infrastructure businesses

So over on Yahoo! this article is interesting.  The advantage to Motorola is clear, more cash for a business it does not appear to run well.

The advantage to Nortel is less clear.  Nortel already has switching and radio kit for a variety of wireless technologies and air interfaces. We’ll need to wait until more information becomes available.  I wonder if Nortel would get the iDEN infrastructure busines, too?

Mozilla enters the Mobile Browser market

The Mozilla foundation has recently announced that they intend to extend their web browser to allow it to run on mobile devices. I have to wonder about the opportunity they perceive. Outside the US there may well be a chance for a new browser to become popular on mobile devices.

Within the US however, the mobile operators wield so much control that it seems very unlikely the mobile browser could ever aspire to achieve the success the PC-based browser has. The path to that success for mobile devices is far more challenging. Continue reading “Mozilla enters the Mobile Browser market”

The European Commission vs. Qualcomm

The European Commission has launched a case against Qualcomm for the way they license their technology to other companies. Cellular-News has the story, among others. I first caught wind of it over at Howard Chu’s HowardForums. My post there was a bit of a knee jerk reaction. Since that post I’ve done a little more reading and I have to say that my opinion is unchanged, though I also have a better understanding of why the EC is after them. Continue reading “The European Commission vs. Qualcomm”

This Week it’s Verizon Battling Google

OM Malik is one of my favorite bloggers. He generally writes about the technology industry with a focus on telecoms and the Internet. Today he covered news of Verizon Wireless and Google jockeying for position prior to the American 700 MHz spectrum auctions coming in January. It’s clear that both sides believe that much is on the line.

From Verizon Wireless’ perspective they must have at least 2 objectives in winning the auction. First, to acquire more spectrum to expand their existing business. They’d prefer additional nationwide spectrum. But I’d expect them to hedge that bet by selectively bidding for regional licenses.

Second, they can hope to eliminate a competitor, or at least reduce the scope across which a competitor might compete with Verizon Wireless. Both are clearly worth billions. Trailing 12 month revenue for Verizon Wireless is $91 billion. If a competitor or competitors could deny Verizon Wireless as little as 10 percent of that market it makes the cost of licenses pale by comparison.

A lost opportunity of $10 billion/ year has a net present value of around $25 billion. If that represented the cost of doing nothing, spending $10-12 billion to buy more spectrum seems like a way to save $15-13 billion. I count on Verizon Wireless to go all out before the auctions and to bid ferociously during them.

This show is only starting folks. don’t touch that dial.

Verizon and Vodafone stir the pot

Vodafone and Verizon are again in the news. I’ve posted a recent story to our message boards, and written about them previously in the context of the upcoming American 700 MHz auctions. (Full disclosure: I used to work for AirTouch, which was acquired by Vodafone, and for Arun Sarin, now CEO of Vodafone.) The recent news is about their difficulties getting along together and about the possibility that the dividend Verizon pays to Vodafone, as a major stockholder, might not be paid again until 2010 or later. Continue reading “Verizon and Vodafone stir the pot”