John Gilman launches Clear in Hawaii September 17th.


Mobile Broadband Growth in the US expected to double over the next two years.

  • 11 M – 2009
  • 19 M – 2010
  • 28 M – 2011

2.5 GHz Spectrum in U.S., averaging 120 MHZ in major markets

540 Mbps per cell site vs. 45 190 Mbps from the competition

Launch dates

  • launch to existing customers November 1. all existing customers will be swapped out at no cost for new Clear antenna.
  • Launch to new customers December 1. Change branding from Clearwire to Clear.


  • 4Mbps down speed capped/1 Mbps up $40/month business
  • unlimited speed down/1 Mpbs up $50/month business
  • dual mode EVDO/WiMax unlimited speed $70/month business
  • Said that individual plans would be less.
  • fixed version: $55 4Mbps down/1Mbps up, $75 unlimited speed down/1Mbps
  • no limit on amount of data transferred.
  • assumes that it requires 2 year commitment
  • would not give firm pricing on hardware. Would have to expect to be same as current launch on mainland.


  • Oahu and Maui – Clear showed coverage map that was from an RF modeling program. It stayed at high-level, whole island view. No coverage in North Shore Oahu but pretty complete in the downtown Honolulu core.
  • Neighbor islands have no coverage at this time due to lack of licenses there.
  • Clear showed 17 sites installed from Diamond Head through downtown Honolulu.
  • No discussion of expansion to other areas, but installations continue within the coverage area.


  • WiMax USB modem somewhat bulky.
  • dual mode WiMax/EVDO USB modem is also a bit bulky
  • optional Clear-branded CradlePoint PHS350 WiFi router that the USB modem plugs into


  • Live testing using compared Clear to Verizon and Mobi PCS.
  • Clear USB modem = 6mbps down/2 up, Clear fixed antenna = 8Mbps down, Verizon .6 down/.3 up, Mobi .7 down/.3 up
  • For this presentation Clear had powered up a nearby site carrying no other traffic during the presentation.  In other words, Your Mileage May Vary.


  • Plan for mobile voice in 2010.
  • Partnership with a security company that installs traffic and security cameras
  • Partnership with a VoIP service provider
  • Static IP addresses, 24/7 customer care, Service Agreements, Security
  • Future: PBX systems, collaboration and messaging applications
  • fully mobile – can hold connection while moving between cell sites


  • The presentation was heavily pointed towards supplying a solution to businesses
  • No discussion of either Direct or Indirect distribution channel plans
  • RoadRunner will sell “Roadrunner Mobile” as an option to the fixed Roadrunner broadband service
  • Sprint will sell as a bundle with their voice cellular service

Clear Strengths

  • Great speed at a priced competitively with other mobile broadband offerings
  • Mainland use and future international roaming
  • Able to claim far wider coverage area with dual band connect on Sprint EVDO
  • Huge $$ backing, capable of a significant marketing Launch

Clear Weaknesses

  • There are many holes in their coverage
  • WiMax speed degrades significantly as the network gets loaded with subscribers.
  • WiMax requires more sites to cover the same area as EVDO so filling coverage holes is problematic.

Thanks to Gary Barton.

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