lead up to CTIA in Las Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas Monday afternoon and immediately jumped into the fray. Meetings started with Don Winters and Tom Prosia of Whitehawk Associates. Whitehawk provides consultants and subject matter expertise to Mobile Operators and other players in the wireless industry. Tom is presently working on an application which collects mobile location and feeds it to an application on the operator’s back end. Not coincidentally, Don also has a background in location based services, having served as the COO of SignalSoft a decade ago. Although we were sworn us to secrecy about the details of their current efforts, it only reenforces our view that location’s time may finally be at hand. Statements such as that are so common that taking it with a grain of salt is to be expected.

We then met Michael O’Reilly and Rich Garwood of Cellentx. Cellentx provides business development and sales support for vendors to the wireless industry. Although Cellentx has been in business for a short time, already they have received a warm reception and have many consultants under contract.

Good luck to both these companies as they develop their businesses.

We also caught up with Drew Esson of Digital Globe, purveyors of satellite imagery. Drew is another with a long history using and selling location based-services, having also done time with SignalSoft back in the day. Perhaps it’s more than a coincidence that he and Don Winters were hanging out in the same restaurant in Vegas.