NTC Member Predicts 3G Service in Thailand by Year End

David Phillips of Kordia Thailand called our attention to this article in the Bangkok Post which advocates the optimistic view that now that the 4 new members of Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) had been royally endorsed 3G services should expect to be launched before the end if the year.
Optimistic indeed.  The article goes on to say that Commission members must first select a Chair, and only then would other tasks, such as frequency allocation, be undertaken.

The article overlooks the fact that 3G networks already have been built by several of the existing wireless operators, including government-controlled CAT and TOT.

If history is any guide simply selecting a chairman will take months while the various factions embedded in the 7 member board vie for power and dominance.  A sitting member of the Commission, Khun Prasit, is quoted saying, without a trace of irony, that “Radio frequencies are national property and if they are not being used no benefits or developments would be produced”.

Political maneuvering and dithering has denied the Thai public access to this valuable resource for close to 10 years.  A sense of urgency demonstrated by the Commission would be most welcome.