WordPress Upgrade Scheduled March 28th

The TeleTips WordPress installations has gotten a tad out of date so we’ll be upgrading that software. We hope to keep the site live during the transition. Matt Mulleweg and crew have done a tremendous job of making upgrades as easy as possible, so some unusual artifacts might be noticed. We will try to make this as painless as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

New Nortel EV-DO Message Board

TeleTips Network has just opened a new message board for the Nortel EV-DO. There seems much to learn. Nortel has provided a training course which I’ll be following over the next few weeks. I’ll post the course specifics later, and a review of the course materials. In the meantime, this board can be used for your Nortel EV-DO discussions.

Site home page is now dynamic

Overnight I implemented a script that dynamically generates the home page. The purpose of this change is to give better visibility to new information and reader contributions. Off to the side you can see sections showing recent entries into our message boards, recent reader comments to our blog , most popular forum topics.

There’s much left to be done. The style sheet for the blog is not 100% synced up with our home page, though that ought to require a relatively modest effort. The far greater challenge will be to extend our look and feel into our message boards. That’s one of the challenges of open source software: reverse-engineering someone else’s style sheet.

Stay tuned, and thanks for being a part of the TeleTips Network.

SPAM, Sendmail and favicon.ico

I’ve been working on site administration for the last couple of days. To reduce the volume of SPAM-bots registering on the message boards I installed a modification in early June. Unfortunately I neglected to test the modification adequately and it had the unintended consequence of stopping not only the SPAM-bots but also legitimate users. My apologies if this frustrated any of your attempts to join for the last couple of weeks. Please do try again, registrations are again possible. Oh, and the SPAM-bots appear to be held at bay. For now.

I’ve also been working on site email for the last couple nights. What a wonderful voyage of Sendmail discovery this is becoming. The site is able to send mail from the domain teletips.net. Yet I still need to figure out Masquerading so that the hostname of the MTA is removed from the sent mail. Then some aliases need to be configured. Much more to learn about Sendmail.

Lastly I’ve been trying to sort out an issue with that pesky little favicon.ico. I use mod_rewrite in Apache version 2.0.55 to serve all the requests using a single GIF. Here’s that rewrite rule:

RewriteRule .*favicon\.ico$ /images/favicon.ico [PT,NS]

This rule will convert any request which ends with favicon.ico to same filename in the /images directory. The PT flag means Pass Through; NS means No Sub-requests. Except the desired result, the little 16×16 icon in the location box and in bookmarks is not displayed on every page as I would like.