Excel Hierarchical List

Did you ever start working on an Excel spreadsheet and realize you needed it to do something you didn’t know how to do?  I’ve been working on the next article in my Excel BTS Project Tracker series.  I needed an Excel Hierarchical List, and I didn’t know how to do that.   I have to learn a couple new things to do that and I wanted to share that with you.

The trial and error approach is an agonizing way to find the key to learning something new.   Often, there is a deadline, your boss wants the spreadsheet done pretty quickly.  What if one of your coworkers recently presented an Excel spreadsheet that was very good, and you feel like yours needs to be equally good or it will suffer by comparison?

Excel Telecom Tricks

I need to list all the BTS and every task for each BTS.  You might need to do something similar.  Examples I can think of include documenting port cards in an RNC, or maybe DS-3 circuit IDs and DS-1 assignments, or mapping trunk group and trunk numbers.  Anyplace where there is hierarchical numbering you might have to do something similar. 

Of course, there are applications for this outside of Telecoms, too.  How about sample tests grouped together, or deliveries addressed to different postcodes, or student IDs in different grades.  I’m sure you can think of many more.

I tell you, these days the workplace can be so competitive.  You might quickly be left behind if you aren’t continually upgrading your skills by reading the right blog.  Excel is definitely one of the skills you need to constantly be improving. Continue reading “Excel Hierarchical List”

A Critic of Marketing Repents

During the late 1980s, I was attending university and living on the beach in San Diego.  My studies required me to spend a considerable amount of time on the beach (ahem!) and I started using a sunscreen product from Neutrogena.  The sunscreen had the requisite SPF 30, but I liked it because 

it had a great texture and felt good for my skin.  To me, it seemed more like a skincare product than the typical sunscreen lotions and oils I used to use.  It sold for around USD7.00 for a 30ml tube.

I remember once going to buy more but was unable to find it in the sunscreen section.  However, I noticed a very similar-looking product in the cosmetic section.  The similar product was being sold as a face cream, which also had SPF 30.  The price was comparable to the other face creams around it, which was about three times as much as the price of the sunscreen product. Continue reading “A Critic of Marketing Repents”

November 2017 Writing Roundup

Each month I summarize my work during the previous month.  It is my hope that by pausing to reflect on my activities and reviewing my progress that I can learn how to do better in the future.

bangkokbeachtelecom.com Monthly Traffic ReportAfter stellar performances in September and October, I pressed pause just a bit in November.  I spent a liitle less time writing, and a bit more time on some housekeeping duties.

Amonth those duties was to begin tweeting Tips for improving your LinkedIn Profile, which I tweet throughout the day.  Follow @telecomvoices on Twitter to see them in your twitter feed.  Click here to see an example. Continue reading “November 2017 Writing Roundup”