By Request – 5G Operator and Consumer Roles

I have on my website a link for people to submit writing topics for me.

Articles my Readers asked me to write
Articles my Readers asked me to write

Responding to readers requests helps me stay focused on things which interest my readers and also encourages me to write about things I might otherwise never get round to. For these reasons, I’m always grateful to my reader when they submit a question.

The Question

Reader Sean W. recently asked this question:

Will Mobile Operators make the investments in 5G required to meet consumer price points?

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Find the Average of Non-Zero Values

I’ve been working on the BTS Project Tracker dashboard. I’ve found another capability that I needed to learn before I can complete the dashboard.  I need to find the average of non-zero values.

Excel Telecom Tricks

I’m trying to track incomplete tasks whose duration exceeds the average duration for that task.

The problem arises when calculating the average interval required to complete each task.  I want to exclude any incomplete BTS-task from the calculation of the average interval.

To say that another way, the average interval should be based upon only those sites for which that task is completed already. Continue reading “Find the Average of Non-Zero Values”

Now is Your Time to Win – David Dean

David Dean was a long-time salesman with a very successful track record.  He began his sales career selling books for the Southwestern company during summer recess while attending university.

Books for building your character and career
Books for building your character and career

This book is in the genre of motivational or self-help.

The book chronicles his sales efforts during several of those summers and he uses his own experiences to illustrate 7 principles which he believes are important to success in any endeavor.  These little vignettes tie the book together and give it a helpful air of storytelling. Continue reading “Now is Your Time to Win – David Dean”