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I help Telecoms Pros create a Telecoms Career they love.  One way is by using LinkedIn well. I coach Telecom Pros how to make a great LinkedIn Profile. I’ve written a book about that.  Click here to download a free chapter of my book.

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Like how Microsoft Excel is such a fundamental tool for Telecom Pros.  We use it every day for Dashboards, recurring reports, budgets, forecasts, analyses, trackers, inventory, modeling, capacity planning, the list goes on.  I’ve written dozens of articles simplifying the way you use Excel and to automate reports without programming. Click the link below to download a Cheatsheet.

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For companies investing in wireless, I consult with Intelefy LLC.   I do technical project management, pretty much however we define that.

Intelefy experience includes vendor selection and negotiations; network implementation, both greenfield startup and overlays; project management; working with Boards of Directors, CXOs, and M&A from both sides; vendor swap. And pretty much everything operators do routinely in their technology department.  Give us a call to see how we might help you sleep better.

Let’s talk briefly about your needs and concerns.  No charge.  No commitment.  No strings. Invest a few minutes to share what’s on your mind.  Even if I can’t help you, I might know someone who can. 

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This is a link to an online scheduling app. Pick a time that works for your schedule. If no available time is good, please send me a message, I’ll accommodate your schedule. I’m keen to help if I can.

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