NTC Member Predicts 3G Service in Thailand by Year End

David Phillips of Kordia Thailand called our attention to this article in the Bangkok Post which advocates the optimistic view that now that the 4 new members of Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) had been royally endorsed 3G services should expect to be launched before the end if the year. Continue reading “NTC Member Predicts 3G Service in Thailand by Year End”

Interesting Web Site for Telecoms Jobs Postings

We recently had cause to investigate 4G Wireless Jobs (Link removed due to malware), a web site offering resources for Telecoms in general and for job seekers in particular. A quick click through the site reveals industry-specific articles, commentary, HOWTOs and research on a variety of topics relating to Telecoms. Article categories include Business, Careers, Electronics, Technology and Wireless, with each category having one or more articles in various disciplines. Continue reading “Interesting Web Site for Telecoms Jobs Postings”

CAT adding MiFi hotspot Product

Over at TeleGeography Comms Update they report that CAT will begin selling the Novatel Wireless MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspot device for subscribers on their Rev. Ev-DO network. I wish them the best of luck with it. In our own Rev A network we’ve seen utilization skyrocket with devices such as this. Granted, our business model is “flat-rate, all you can eat”, meaning our subscribers pay one monthly amount and can then use as much data as they want. Continue reading “CAT adding MiFi hotspot Product”

How does Mobile Broadband work?

Today’s web is full of articles and discussion about Mobile Broadband. We like to read Om Malik, whose crew of subject matter experts frequently add value on the topic. But what exactly is Mobile Broadband? How do wireless operators provide it? What makes it fast? Or slow? We’ve implemented stat-of-the-art 3G Mobile Broadband for a tier 3 regional CDMA operator in the US, and we’ll be providing insight into how this fiendishly complicated technology works, and what, if anything, you might do to improve your experience. Continue reading “How does Mobile Broadband work?”