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We’re pleased to announce that TeleTips Network is partnering with Telecom Voices, adding our voice to their coverage of Telecoms. Telecom Voices is a site dedicated to rebroadcasting blogs focused on Telecoms, allowing a wide diversity of Telecoms ideas to be found and read on a single web site. The posts of TeleTips Network will begin appearing there immediately.

It is the shared hope of Telecom Voices and TeleTips Network that this move increases the level of discussion and adds value for our mutual readers.

Give Telecom Voices a listen, and consider adding them to your daily rotation. We’ll talk to you there, too!

Method of Procedure for adding IP Pools to the Starent PDSN Wireless

We recently had an opportunity to add an IP Pool to the Starent 16000 PDSN in our Nortel CDMA network. It is standard procedure that any network activity that has the potential to impact service must be performed during a low traffic period, (aka “the maintenance window”) and must be accompanied by a written method of Procedure (“MOP”.) Writing a MOP is not a very exciting activity, and in fact, takes a significant effort to get right. However, on the few occasions when the procedure went sideways, a well-written MOP was handy for resolving the issue, and in the worst cases, keeping us out of trouble in the post-mortem that followed.

Procedures that are frequently done benefit from a MOP by serving as a guideline for new engineers. Infrequently done procedures benefit by having a detailed reminder of what to, and not, do.

Read on for those details. Continue reading “Method of Procedure for adding IP Pools to the Starent PDSN Wireless”