Act Fast to Keep Your LinkedIn Data

For years LinkedIn has allowed subscribers to “tag” connections.  If you are already familiar with LinkedIn tags you know how marvelously useful it is.

stop-300pxSure, it could be a bit labor intensive, especially if you needed to comb through all your existing contacts to assign any newly-created tags.  But tags were a very handy way to filter your connections nonetheless.

Well, no more.  This feature has been removed from the Linkedin interface and is only available under paid subscription plans.  That change may be a consequence of Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Linkedin.  Thanks, Microsoft.

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Guest Post: Thoughts on Cost Containment

Reader with Twitter handle @RehabbedO offered her thoughtsTwitter_Social_Icon_Rounded_Square_Color on Cost Containment


“… When the same service can be offered at lower cost or when additional services can be offered at about the same cost, there is no end to the joy the company will show you.”

I cringed when I read this paragraph from the first installment of Cost Containment series.

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Recruiter’s Corner: Jade Lee San Yue

Recruiter’s Corner is a recurring series where a Telecoms & ICT Recruiter answers questions about recruitment, candidates and the industry.mortarboard

Today we hear from Ms. Jade Lee San Yue.  Jade is the Sales Director, Finance & IT for Talent Insight Executive Search Group, 9 Temasek Boulevard, #09-01 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore.  http: //

Beyond outstanding performance in their current job, what other things can candidates do to attract the attention of recruiters in a good way?

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A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed

I spend a lot of time on I read dozens of LinkedIn (LI) profiles every day. Mostly for Telecoms and ICT Professionals. It’s clear that many of these LI profiles are not serving their owners well.

Your LI profile is your online advertisement. It could tell people who you are, what you can do for them and why they should contact you. It could, or it doesn’t. It’s up to you. This blog post is a short summary of how to modify your LI profile to get you noticed.

What is the Purpose of the Profile?

Before you begin to work on your LI profile, you need to understand what is its purpose. Here is the answer:

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Telecoms Around the Web, April 2017

We survey several popular websites for technical Telecoms content.

3G4G Blog

Zahid Ghadialy has long been one of my favorite commentators in the technology space. He writes Self-backhauling: Integrated access and backhaul links for 5G.  This is essentially a discussion of the interference challenges posed by wireless cell site backhaul.  Zahid explains with this diagram:integratedaccessandbackhaul_rp-17148 Continue reading “Telecoms Around the Web, April 2017”