Dashboard Automation with GETPIVOTDATA

Do you use Excel Pivot Tables? If you do, then you know that Pivot Tables are a great way to categorize, sum, and average a table with many rows of numbers. If you aren’t yet using them, you really should. This article assumes you already use Pivot Tables comfortably.

Excel Telecom Tricks
Excel Telecom Tricks

But more importantly, Pivot Tables are very important for automating your reports. This may seem obvious, but to automate your reports, you must eliminate the manual steps. Duh!

The #1 Excel Telecom Trick for automation is to use Pivot tables and the GETPIVOTDATA() function.

GETPIVOTDATA() allows you to place Pivot Table data anywhere in your report. Once you see it in action it will make complete sense to you. Continue reading “Dashboard Automation with GETPIVOTDATA”