Thai 4G Auctions Bid Strategies – Jasmine

Later this year Thailand plans to auction radio spectrum for 4G services. The Thai government, led by the National Broadcasting and Telecoms Commission (NBTC), will auction licenses in 900 MHz and 1800 MHz later this year. The Auctions 1800 MHz spectrum are scheduled for November 11th; the 900 MHz auction a month later, though the exact date remains in doubt. 2 licenses will be auctioned for 12.5 MHz each in 1800MHz spectrum, and 2 licenses of 10 MHz each in 900 MHz spectrum. Continue reading “Thai 4G Auctions Bid Strategies – Jasmine”

LTE-U is Unfriendly to Consumers and to WiFi. Let’s Fix it.

Today the wireless industry is gripped by debate over the deployment of LTE services in unlicensed spectrum. Qualcomm is the leading proponent and has recruited support from Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Mobile Operators. Qualcomm has proposed three separate standards: LTE-U and License Assisted Access (LAA) are targeted geographically. A third proposal called MuLTEfire uses unlicensed spectrum for Enterprises, and does not require an LTE channel in licensed spectrum. Details of those proposals can be found elsewhere. Continue reading “LTE-U is Unfriendly to Consumers and to WiFi. Let’s Fix it.”