Do you ever want an easy win?

Some of the things #TelecomPros like us do is hard. Like learning 5G, NFV, MIMO, MEC.

But not this. So take it easy.

You LinkedIn feed is mostly comprised of the articles, updates, and shares from your LinkedIn connections.

That means you have control over what appears in your feed. If your feed is not adding value for you, the thing to do is curate.

Warning, some people reject the idea of screening content from their feed. If that troubles you, read no further.

But if you are committed to using LinkedIn to advance your career, and you don’t mind silencing folks who pollute your feed with things which disinterest you, shut them down.

You’ll still remain connections. But their content will no longer appear in your feed.

The quality of your feed should improve immediately.

I’ve written a book to help Telecom Pros have a better LinkedIn Profile. It’s called Create An Awesome LinkedIn Profile.

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