I attended Pacific Telecommunications Conference (PTC) in Honolulu

I had the idea to take short videos of other Telecoms Pros to get their views on the work they were doing.

I also asked them if they had any advice to give to their younger selves; something they’ve learned which they wish they had learned much earlier.

I was quite surprised how reluctant most people were to go on-camera.

Here were some of the Reasons:
✅They said they didn’t want to
✅They wouldn’t be comfortable on-camera
✅They worried they weren’t authorized to speak on behalf of their employer.
✅Had nothing to say

There is one way sure way to improve each of these weaknesses: Practice.

If you wait to start until you are ready, you’ll never start.

I know I have a lot to learn about interviewing people. But I’m convinced I’ll improve faster by doing more interviews.

That’s how it works.

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