June Writing Roundup

I’m a little slow coming out with this roundup for June.  It was a good month.  I’ve been quite busy finishing a couple of contracts and putting together a new application.

The application is LinkedIn Tip of the Day.  Each day I post to LinkedIn a Tip to help you improve your LinkedIn Profile.  I’ve already begun testing.  You can see the Tips by searching for the hashtag #linkedintipoftheday.  I was not totally satisfied with the initial results.  I thought that the writing style I used was not quite right, maybe too stern, too professorial.  Too much like a Linux man page.

So I’ve changed the style to be a bit more humorous and cavalier.  The Tips are still completely serious, just presented in a, it is to be hoped funnier way.  Leave a comment if you have an opinion about either style.  My goal is for all Technologists to have a LinkedIn Profile that gets them noticed.  And check out that hashtag #linkedintipoftheday.   With the lighter style, maybe the hashtag should be linkedinquipoftheday?  Kindly tell me what you think in the comments.

Coming up August 18 and 19 I’ll be a speaker at Spectrum Futures here in Bangkok.  Please say take the time to say hello if you will be attending.  I’d love to meet you.  Also in November, I’ll be attending Wi-Fi Now November 28-30, again in Bangkok.

My book, Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile, will be coming out soon.  Sign up to receive updates and get a sweet presale discount.

OK, with all that out of the way, here’s my digest for June.  I hope to see you, or at least dialog in the comment, soon.

Using LinkedIn Notifications.  June 30.

LinkedIn Update – Weekly Search Appearances.  June 26,

How to be Seen in Search.  June 20.

Use Excel for Least Cost Routing.  June 17.  This included an Excel Workbook as a free download.

Have a wonderful July!