What do you do to stay warm in a freeze?

Yesterday we talked about the Network Freeze. Here’s a link to that discussion: https://lnkd.in/gU8kQQN

During a network Freeze, many of your coworkers are OOTO. The pace in the office might be a little slower. Fewer meetings, phone calls, emails; fewer interruptions.

There might be time to work on back-burner projects, or maybe not-yet-approved projects.

I like to work on automation, such as:

✅AWK one-liners, shell command pipelines, simple scripts.
✅Dashboards, license trackers, forecasting and modeling tools, what-if analyses.
✅If there’s a script I’ve been designing, this can be a good time to make progress on that.

Automation is always a win because it pays back a lot more than time savings.

This is also a good time to coach my team on non-technical tasks I routinely do. It helps them to develop their skills and lets me see who is farthest along.

Prepping to begin new year projects and budgets.

New year prep is a big enough topic that we’ll discuss it more tomorrow.

What things are you working on during this network freeze?

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