Where are you from?

My friend Tiffany Parra recently posted an update in which she said she disliked being asked “where are you from?” because people would often assume a load of rubbish about her based solely on her answer.

Check out her post, it and the comments are pretty insightful. https://lnkd.in/fEn3USm In fact, follow Tiffany. She’s very switched on.

I dread this question, too. But for another reason altogether.

My problem is not knowing what answer to give. You see, I spent my 1st 20 years in Manhattan, Kansas. Then 10 years in Southern California, 6 years in Europe, 8 in Asia, then 10 in Hawaii. The last few years I’ve been in Thailand.

So without knowing what the questioner really wants, it’s tough to answer.

There’s a management technique for communicating more clearly. Before answering a question, ask how the answer will be used. Say something like “what will you do with the answer I give you?” It helps inform the answer.

When you ask me where I’m from, will you make assumptions about me based on the answer?

Tiffany is right, don’t do that.

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