When will JAS Mobile Launch 4G Service?

Having won a 900 MHz license Jasmine Mobile (JAS) must now build a mobile network and launch their service. Everyone is asking “When will JAS launch 4G service?”

Of course, JAS wants to launch as quickly as possible. The Finance department is especially keen to begin collecting revenue so that loans can be serviced.  With a THB70 Billion license fee, interest alone is likely around 6 Million/day.  JAS aspires to attract 2 Million subscribers in the 1st year of service. Assuming ARPU of 200 and Churn of 10%, that represents revenue of around 11 Million/day. Put those 2 together and every day Launch is delayed or accelerated costs or benefits JAS 17 Million!  17 Million here and there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.  So there will be tremendous pressure to get the network into service as quickly as possible. Continue reading “When will JAS Mobile Launch 4G Service?”

Thai 4G Auctions – Network Implementation


Winning bidders in the upcoming 4G Auctions will be building new 4G networks in the spectrum acquired.  Both TRUE and DTAC already offer 4G service, so they may already understand the challenges of building a modern 4G network. AIS, and potentially Jasmine Mobile, have not yet launched 4G service and will be working hard to catch up.  This follows our previous article in our series about the Thai 4G Auctions. Continue reading “Thai 4G Auctions – Network Implementation”

LTE-U is Unfriendly to Consumers and to WiFi. Let’s Fix it.

Today the wireless industry is gripped by debate over the deployment of LTE services in unlicensed spectrum. Qualcomm is the leading proponent and has recruited support from Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and Mobile Operators. Qualcomm has proposed three separate standards: LTE-U and License Assisted Access (LAA) are targeted geographically. A third proposal called MuLTEfire uses unlicensed spectrum for Enterprises, and does not require an LTE channel in licensed spectrum. Details of those proposals can be found elsewhere. Continue reading “LTE-U is Unfriendly to Consumers and to WiFi. Let’s Fix it.”