5 Career Boosters in 5 Minutes

Everyone says they want a better career.  But who does anything about it?  Who has the time?  But I want you to know that it doesn’t take long.  In fact, with only 5 minutes each day, you can make a big difference in your career.

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This post is a logical successor to A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed.  Using LinkedIn in this way helps your connections and helps you, too.

Start by opening linkedin.com in your browser.  How long did that take? Continue reading “5 Career Boosters in 5 Minutes”

How to Showcase Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Profile might look fabulous. But how does it help you if no one sees it? LinkedIn Groups are a great way to increase your visibility in search results.  By interacting with others in your LinkedIn groups, people doing similar things to you, you can learn so much, can teach others, and demonstrate your expertise, confidence, and likability.  There is so much to love about LinkedIn groups!

Showcase Your Profile by Actively Engaging with Groups
Showcase Your Profile by Actively Engaging with Groups

LinkedIn allows you to sign up for as many as 50 groups. That may seem like a lot.  But you should think of LinkedIn Groups as a way for a much larger audience to see your name and to understand what you’re capable of.  I encourage you to sign up for as many groups as LinkedIn allows.  There are over 2 million groups from which to choose.  Pick Groups that are both interesting for you and aligned with what you’re doing now or what you hope to be doing in the future.  The choice of groups is completely up to you. Continue reading “How to Showcase Your LinkedIn Profile”

The Reason You Aren’t Recruited

why_you_arent_recruitedDo you ever wonder why recruiters are not contacting you with job opportunities? Have you ever applied for a job then never received any response?  In both cases, there could be many reasons why.  Many of which you have no control over. But if you had the power to remove one if the most important reasons you don’t hear from recruiters, would you do it? Would you?

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A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed

I spend a lot of time on https://linkedin.com. I read dozens of LinkedIn (LI) profiles every day. Mostly for Telecoms and ICT Professionals. It’s clear that many of these LI profiles are not serving their owners well.

Your LI profile is your online advertisement. It could tell people who you are, what you can do for them and why they should contact you. It could, or it doesn’t. It’s up to you. This blog post is a short summary of how to modify your LI profile to get you noticed.

What is the Purpose of the Profile?

Before you begin to work on your LI profile, you need to understand what is its purpose. Here is the answer:

The purpose of your LinkedIn Profile is to get people to contact you.  Continue reading “A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed”

Interesting Web Site for Telecoms Jobs Postings

We recently had cause to investigate 4G Wireless Jobs (Link removed due to malware), a web site offering resources for Telecoms in general and for job seekers in particular. A quick click through the site reveals industry-specific articles, commentary, HOWTOs and research on a variety of topics relating to Telecoms. Article categories include Business, Careers, Electronics, Technology and Wireless, with each category having one or more articles in various disciplines. Continue reading “Interesting Web Site for Telecoms Jobs Postings”