Open Telecoms Projects. What’s the Big Deal?

Each project has its own specific goals or mission statement. But, in general, they’re all trying to break down the monolithic proprietary solutions Telecom has relied upon for years.

These projects seek to disaggregate large functional modules into smaller, software-based solutions running on commoditized hardware or clouds.

The benefits of Open Telecoms Projects

Why is this important?

There are several reasons.

🎯Cost. Some claim there will be costs savings. I disagree. Costs will simply shift from vendors to operators. In both paradigms the operator pays. But in the Open paradigm, the cost is of in-house staff managing kit from multiple vendors.

🎯Speed. Presently, the industry undergoes a forklift upgrade of the network every 10 years. Disaggregation should make upgrades incremental, much like the apps on your smartphone.

🎯Innovation. By opening interfaces, new players will be able to compete. ISVs will enter markets formerly closed to them.

There is more to say about this. But I’d like to know what you think so far?

Do you agree with my view of openness?

I’ve a list of Open Telecoms Projects you can download. 18 Projects and counting!

Download Open Telecoms Projects

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