How many tricks has your pony?

I wrote earlier ( that my career took off when I started focusing on Cost Containment and sharing the results.

Put another way, when I combined my expertise in Telecoms Technology with a little awareness of Finance and of Marketing, good things happened.

The important thing for Telecom Pros to learn is that you can’t be a one trick pony. You cannot have a greater impact if you focus exclusively on your tech.

You must complement your technical expertise with other disciplines that are relevant to the business. Marketing skills can spread your message.

But this is hard for hardcore techies. Ever notice how few technologists actively comment on technology-related updates? Have you engaged?

One explanation for low engagement could be that engagement is a skill more common to Marketers than to Technologists.

To increase your impact, you must augment your Tech skills.

Join the conversation! Leave your comfort zone. Engage with the world. Marketing is not a 4-letter word. Stretch! Grow!

What have you done today to move out of your comfort zone? Leave me a comment.

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