A funny thing happened on the way to the Launch

My friend Wade Sarver recently blogged about the challenges of large projects. (I’ll link to it in the comments.) His article reminded me of the many Greenfield implementations I’ve done.

A hectic start-up pace, foreign environments, and a team of expats invariably leads to stories. One job was bogged down in internal politics. My company came in with a plan to launch in less than 6 months.

Late Friday night the Tech team were working on the switch interface for billing. This was before TCP/IP had become the de facto standard. IIRC we were tunneling TCP/IP through X.25.

Suddenly all connectivity was lost. We determined the problem must be in the nearby data center. Several of us piled into a car and drove there.

When we arrived our suspicions were confirmed. The problem was in fact in the data center.

A janitor had unplugged AC power to the primary router to power his rotary floor polisher.

We helped him finish up then reconnected our router. D’oh!

After that, we re-designed an #HSRP routing solution including -48v redundant DC power.

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