Is your LinkedIn photo a “Do Not Enter” sign?

The photo you use on your profile either welcomes people to enter or hints they need not waste their time.

If you want your profile to be read, consider these tips for the photo:

✅A professional sitting is nice. A friend might also take a good-quality photo in a neutral indoor setting.

✅Dress like you would if you actually had the position you seek.

✅You only. No spouses, kids, pets, or props.

✅Focus close enough to look in your eye; not so close as to be creepy. Include your head and shoulders.

✅Smile, relax, look at the camera.

The photo should make you appear likable and professional.

Here are some things to avoid:
✅No kids, cats, or cantaloupes.
✅No hats, helmets, or headgear.
✅No spouses, dark glasses, props, or mood lighting.

Dress nicely, use good posture, smooth your hair, and smile.

LinkedIn is a site for professional networking. Consider that when you choose a photo for your profile.

Your objective for the photo is to look like someone other people would want to work with.

I can’t think of anything specific to Telecoms or Technology that applies to your photo. Can you? Leave me a comment if you can.

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