What will you do for your career in 2019?

Normally at this time people reflect on the past and make plans for the coming year. One plan I hope you’ll adopt is to improve your LinkedIn profile to make it a great place for people to learn about your passion for #Telecoms.

Here are 4 simple tips to improve your profile. You can do these in only a few minutes, so there’s no reason not to.

✅Profile Picture. Upload a professional headshot photo, or a carefully chosen photo of you, looking friendly and professional.

✅Headline. Use this one-sentence statement to clearly define your passion and attract potential work partners.

✅Summary. Write in real, human terms what you’re passionate about, what gets you excited. Write from the perspective of your target audience (the people you want to work with or you want to hire you.) Write as though you were speaking one-on-one.

✅Work History or Experience. This part most resembles a CV. For each job, write about what you did, what you accomplished, how you made things better. Don’t worry about describing your responsibilities, they aren’t so important. Use keywords, vendor names, and equipment acronyms. These help your profile match in searches.

What will you do for your career, for yourself, in 2019? Leave a comment.

I’ve written a book to help Telecom Pros have a better LinkedIn Profile. It’s called Create An Awesome LinkedIn Profile. Click the link to download a free chapter.

Create An Awesome LinkedIn Profile

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