Telecoms Around the Web, April 2017

We survey several popular websites for technical Telecoms content.

3G4G Blog

Zahid Ghadialy has long been one of my favorite commentators in the technology space. He writes Self-backhauling: Integrated access and backhaul links for 5G.  This is essentially a discussion of the interference challenges posed by wireless cell site backhaul.  Zahid explains with this diagram:integratedaccessandbackhaul_rp-17148

Disruptive Analysis

No, 5G won’t kill WiFi (or absorb it) by Dean Bubley.  Mr. Bubley cites two articles which claim WiFi may be doomed.  Reminds somewhat of You Never Know by Joe Walsh.  “Did you hear about the gossip column Senate subcommittee probe?”  In spite of what you might have read on Twitter, WiFi won’t die.

Mobile World Live

Does the average citizen really need encryption? by Kavit Majithia.  Current highlights in the never-ending debate or privacy vs. law enforcement are surveyed.  The author voices no opinion, but cites several disturbing, to me, sources.  In my opinion, the privacy benefits of personal encryption far outweigh the inability of law enforcement to eavesdrop.  This debate is likely to continue.

Disruptive Asia

Don Sambandaraksa, in When it comes to network and cloud security ‘visibility’ is top in CIO minds, summarizes Ixia’s 2017 Security and CIO survey.  Spoiler alert: Security seems to be on everyone’s mind.


Dr. Harrison J. Son and Chris Yoo co-author Analysis of Global 5G Development (1) – 5G Standardization so far.  A bit of how we got here and why we are moving forward.  This image captures their current assessment.Timeline of 5G in ITU-R and 3GPP