Telecoms World Asia 2019!

Coming in less than 2 weeks.

I’m chairing the 5G track, and there’s a full lineup of speakers giving us their insights into various aspects of 5G technology.

Telecoms World Asia 2019

I’m really looking forward to it.

The folks at @terrapin have been busting their humps to get ready. So be sure to say thanks when you see Tajuddin Marhim, YunXuan (YX) Koh, Gwenda Wong and the whole event team.

I’m mindful that Telecom Pros love new technologies. We love the enhancements, the engineering, the complexity.

It’s easy to overlook the core skills which got us here: reporting, budgeting, project planning, forecasting, modeling, troubleshooting.

As much as we enjoy the thrill of the new, it’s the these fundamentals skills which result in great service for customers and low cost structure for business owners. Both are essential.

I’ve written over 100 articles and frequently post to LinkedIn about tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques for you to master these telecom fundamentals, no matter what your level in the business.

Remember, No one else will work to achieve your objectives. You have to be an action taker.

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