Interesting Web Site for Telecoms Jobs Postings

We recently had cause to investigate 4G Wireless Jobs (Link removed due to malware), a web site offering resources for Telecoms in general and for job seekers in particular. A quick click through the site reveals industry-specific articles, commentary, HOWTOs and research on a variety of topics relating to Telecoms. Article categories include Business, Careers, Electronics, Technology and Wireless, with each category having one or more articles in various disciplines.

Authors apparently from around the world have contributed articles into these categories with titles as diverse as “Clearwire’s first step towards Deploying 4G WiMAX Technology in Europe” and “Cisco announces Space IRIS Router Operational in Orbit”. There seem to be articles expressing many different perspectives in Telecoms. The most 4G Wireless Jobs (Link removed due to malware) can be found at a single click.

The site really shines for employers and job seekers. Sufficient space is provided for employers to be more descriptive and explicit in the opportunities they post than many other jobs sites allow. Candidates can enter their personal details and also share job postings via email. The site continues to grow and attract more job postings. I suggest having a look.