I Delivered 5 Nines Uptime, and no one noticed!

You want to build your career while your building networks. I get that. Here’s a Pro Tip.

The last greenfield mobile network I built was a super experience on many levels, including my best-ever boss.

After service Launch, the CEO awarded Employee of the Year to the entire Engineering dept. for the startup effort.

When my boss accepted the award, he said this was the last he’d ever want to be in the spotlight. You see, he knew a dirty secret in #Telecom.

The best infrastructure is invisible: you only see it when it breaks.

This means your great work giving 5 nines uptime or better is ignored and you’ll only be “recognized” when there is an outage. Nice. Welcome to the Real World.

To grow your career you have to find other ways to impress the business. How? One of the best ways is to focus on Cost Containment.

Cost Containment usually means lowering a recurring (monthly) cost or generating more revenue for the same cost. It’s great for CSP finances and sure to win you positive attention.

Improving the cost structure while also maintaining great service is the #1 trick for Telecom Technologists to build your Telecoms career.

What are your tips for advancing your career in Telecoms technology?

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