Open Telecoms Projects. What’s the Big Deal?

Each project has its own specific goals or mission statement. But, in general, they’re all trying to break down the monolithic proprietary solutions Telecom has relied upon for years.

These projects seek to disaggregate large functional modules into smaller, software-based solutions running on commoditized hardware or clouds.

The benefits of Open Telecoms Projects

Why is this important?

There are several reasons.

🎯Cost. Some claim there will be costs savings. I disagree. Costs will simply shift from vendors to operators. In both paradigms the operator pays. But in the Open paradigm, the cost is of in-house staff managing kit from multiple vendors.

🎯Speed. Presently, the industry undergoes a forklift upgrade of the network every 10 years. Disaggregation should make upgrades incremental, much like the apps on your smartphone.

🎯Innovation. By opening interfaces, new players will be able to compete. ISVs will enter markets formerly closed to them.

There is more to say about this. But I’d like to know what you think so far?

Do you agree with my view of openness?

I’ve a list of Open Telecoms Projects you can download. 18 Projects and counting!

Download Open Telecoms Projects

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Will Open Standards Impact Telecoms?

Last week at Telecoms World Asia the 5G track was very popular.

Although 5G is widely expected to require years to mature, its many significant advances seem certain to have a dramatic impact on the industry.

Open Telecoms Projects seek to disaggregate monolithic, proprietary network functionality

During the conference, I met with Ron Isom of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF). Our brief chat reinforced my belief that defining more of the network with standard interfaces will also be quite impactful.

And just like 5G, it may take years for networks governed by these standards to mature.

I’ve been closely following several of these open Telecom projects. One important success factor is participation and even leadership from network #operators. This increases my confidence that these projects can succeed.

My interest in these open standards fuels my belief in the impact open standards will have. Maybe even as impactful as 5G.

I’ve got a list of the open standards projects I’ve been following. Click the link below to download it. If there’s a project you follow which isn’t on the list, kindly post it into the comments.

ownload the Open Telecoms Projects.

What do you think? What kind of impact do you think open standards can have on the industry?

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Something unusual happened in #Thailand last week.

Hundreds of Telecom Pros from all over Thailand and around the region attended Telecoms World Asia 2019.

Subject Matter Experts presented on a broad range of telecoms technology topics.

The attendees discussed these topics seriously, during the sessions, at the breaks, and in the pre and post-event networking gatherings.

I’d like to hear from Thai attendees of the event, to answer these or related questions:

✅What was your favorite presentation?

✅After hearing the presentations, will you change any of your plans?

✅What changes or new technologies are you expecting to see here in Thailand in the next little while?

✅Did you get any ideas for how to prepare your network for these new technologies?

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Holy cow! Telecoms World Asia 2019 in Bangkok.

I found it an excellent conference with a highly engaged audience.

Here is a sample of just a few of the presenters.

In the 5G track, Ian Watson’s talked about Cellcard (CamGSM Co. Ltd.) They’ll launch 5GT later this year.

Julian Gorman updated us on the view from GSMA. Did you know GSMA reckons in 2026 only 15% of subscribers worldwide will be 5G?

Ian Fogg shared what Opensignal has been learning. He included a fascinating chart showing typical MBB download speed vs. time of day.

Francisco “Cocoy” Claravall of Globe Telecom showed how operators can incrementally approach 5G-caliber benefits while avoiding 5G caliber capex.

It was also my pleasure to refresh some old acquaintances and make a whole herd of new ones: Peter Kuciak, Steve Shea, AVM.Thanapant Raicharoen, Ph.D., Kolman Wong, Anuradha (Anu) Udunuwara, BSc Eng, SMIEEE, Gehan Lokunarangoda, Bob Fox, Ron Isom, Satoshi Nagata, and others.

My biggest revelation was from the GSMA about the small 5G uptake in 2025.

What was your biggest takeaway?

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Telecoms World Asia 2019!

Coming in less than 2 weeks.

I’m chairing the 5G track, and there’s a full lineup of speakers giving us their insights into various aspects of 5G technology.

Telecoms World Asia 2019

I’m really looking forward to it.

The folks at @terrapin have been busting their humps to get ready. So be sure to say thanks when you see Tajuddin Marhim, YunXuan (YX) Koh, Gwenda Wong and the whole event team.

I’m mindful that Telecom Pros love new technologies. We love the enhancements, the engineering, the complexity.

It’s easy to overlook the core skills which got us here: reporting, budgeting, project planning, forecasting, modeling, troubleshooting.

As much as we enjoy the thrill of the new, it’s the these fundamentals skills which result in great service for customers and low cost structure for business owners. Both are essential.

I’ve written over 100 articles and frequently post to LinkedIn about tips, tricks, tactics, and techniques for you to master these telecom fundamentals, no matter what your level in the business.

Remember, No one else will work to achieve your objectives. You have to be an action taker.

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