How have you handled trolls?

A recent update attracted a comment which was completely off-topic. In other words, I was trolled.

I thought the message inappropriate.

My first idea was to write my own comment discouraging trolling.

I’d voice my support for free speech, my disgust of censorship, and my rationale to the off-topic commenter.

After writing the comment, I changed my mind.

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Do you Tag in your updates?

When you tag someone, LinkedIn shares your update in the feed of that person’s connections. So your audience grows.

LinkedIn also messages the tagged person. For example, “Russell Lundberg tagged you in a post.”

To tag, type “@“ sign, then begin typing their name exactly as it appears in their profile. Select the correct name from the popup menu. If you always add value, are respectful, and write to drive engagement, tagging is a big win for everyone.

Pro Tip: if the person’s name doesn’t appear in the popup, try using 2 “@“ signs. Or after typing their name, also type something else from their profile, such as the company. Thanks to …….ANDY FOOTE……. for this suggestion.

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